Reimburse candidates automatically with expense reports that don’t suck! Expensify offers realtime, automated expense reports that save time for recruiters and candidates.

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Expense reports that don’t suck!

Expensify eliminates the pain of receipt and expense management with fully automated, realtime expense reports. Candidates can track receipts and submit expenses on-the-go with the easy-to-use mobile app, and recruiters can issue next-day reimbursements with the touch of a button.

Reimburse candidates automatically

No more writing checks and wondering when they’ll be cashed – Expensify offers automatic, next-day reimbursement with direct deposit, so candidates receive their reimbursement as soon as admins approve their expenses.

Impress candidates with a smooth interview process

With so much competition for top talent, every detail of a candidate’s interview experience can make or break their decision to join your team. Demonstrate that your organization is efficient and forward-thinking by polishing up the interview process with quick and painless expense reporting. Candidates will walk away with confidence that you value your employees’ time (and theirs!) and you’ll save time processing their reports.

Invite candidates to Expensify directly from Greenhouse

Just click “Invite to Expensify” in the Candidate Profile, and candidates will automatically be added to your company’s candidate expense policy.

Additional Features:

  • Multi-level approval workflows - You control who approves each expense, including the option to set multiple layers of approval.
  • Customizable policies - Set clear expectations for how much candidates can spend on meals, transit, and other expenses, so there won’t be any surprises when it’s time for reimbursement.
  • Pay per candidate - No contracts, no implementation fees, and no monthly minimums. Expensify charges only $9 per active user for unlimited reporting, so no need to worry about recurring fees or deleting accounts after an interview.
  • Corporate card reconciliation - In addition to candidates, Expensify offers extensive functionality for employees and accountants. Manage all of your company’s expenses in one central place with best-in-breed features like corporate card reconciliation, per diem, global currency compatibility, and innovative automation.
  • Integrations with HR, accounting, and travel softwares - Streamline your organization’s entire administrative process by integrating expense management with HR, accounting, and travel softwares. Expensify integrates with Zenefits, NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks, Egencia, Uber, and many more services to automatically sync your company’s expense data across the board, for increased visibility and realtime transparency into your organization’s finances.