Empowers analysts to become problem solvers vs endless number crunchers. Bring all your data together for one-stop-shop analytics.

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Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
Regions supported North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific), South America
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Transform people data. Enable business decisions.

The eqtble platform is an advanced People Analytics platform that aggregates data from a variety of HR systems into one spot. You can create dashboards and detailed reports and share them via email with your team, and work with a team of highly experienced people analytics experts to find answers to your questions.

eqtble features:

Immediate access to the most powerful people analytics tool on the market

Unlock the power of your talent data by gaining access to a suite of powerful talent metrics

Simplified integration process greatly reduces the time to get started

Work with the eqtble team to build custom reports and share those with your organization

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Customizable Story-builder

Dashboards cannot tell a full story. With eqtble, you can create interactive stories driven by charts, graphs, and text blocks, allowing you to customize data, time frames, and filters to tell the story you want. Everyone in the company can use this flexibility to create personalized stories, from analysts to recruiters.

Employee Profiles and Timelines

With all your people data integrated in a single place, you can get the complete picture of every employee. eqtble provides a profile for every employee filled with important data points like application date, hire date, promotions, and manager changes.

Comments and Collaboration

The continuous back and forth, the many spreadsheet updates, and the endless screenshots. With eqtble, all that back and forth disappears. Stories are interactive and collaborative. Anyone can log in, update charts, and leave comments or questions. Connect eqtble with Slack and everyone can work in one place so that collaboration becomes natural.

Chart Builder

With faster reporting of the basics, you have more time for deeper analysis. The Query Builder is available to create new metrics, build advanced charts, and answer your business’s most complicated questions. You now have the power and flexibility to create what you need on your own without requiring additional services.

Data Dictionary

Define all your important metrics in one, single, easily referenceable place. Align on how formulas like attrition are calculated. eqtble’s Data Dictionary enables you to create a true single source of truth for your people data, own the analytics narrative, and ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Data Health

The eqtble platform is flexible enough to serve both analysts and executives. But, sometimes analysts need to do more with the data. For those uber-analysts, eqtble allows you to export structured data into another database. From there, analysts are free to explore and analyze as they see fit.