Enigma uses bite-sized interactive simulations to evaluate candidates’ problem-solving skills and assess their technical ability.

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Enigma screens engineering, cybersecurity, and IT talent based on performance, not pedigree

Enigma Puzzles are 5-15 minute "micro-scenarios" that simulate different skills within cybersecurity, engineering, and IT roles. We go beyond traditional "leetcode" tests to evaluate both technical knowledge and how candidates solve problems.

Enigma helps its users quickly identify top performers, uncover hidden talent in their pipeline, and diversify their teams, while providing a best-in-class candidate experience. Most organizations reduce their time-to-hire by 50%.

We’re dedicated to removing bias from the hiring process, so our content is developed by industry practitioners and validated by psychometrics experts to adhere to EEOC best practices. Our grading is blind to all candidate demographic data (gender, education, ethnicity, etc).

How do Enigma Puzzles evaluate candidates' technical and problem solving ability?


Bite-sized puzzles show how candidates think

All assessments are designed to be completed in under 45 minutes. In these micro-simulations (based on real-world scenarios) candidates must demonstrate not only that they know the right answer but HOW they got to their answer. Each puzzle comes with a free-response section where candidates show their work, providing key insight into their thought processes and problem-solving skills.

Bite-sized puzzles show how candidates think

Content designed by expert practitioners

Our content is designed and graded by practitioners actively working in the fields of engineering, IT, and cybersecurity. The content is constantly updated to reflect the current landscape and can be customized to reflect the needs of specific teams and organizations.

Content designed by expert practitioners

Graded blind to reduce bias

Each puzzle is graded blind to name, age, gender, race, ethnicity, or background. This reduces bias and helps surface top-tier talent that might be missed in a traditional round of screening.