A talent screening and assessment platform that is revolutionizing the screening process.

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Humanize the recruitment process

Ducknowl is a talent screening and assessment platform that works alongside Greenhouse to help companies and staffing agencies effectively screen candidates. Ducknowl is an all encompassing platform that includes video/audio screenings, skill assessments with automated proctoring, video text messaging and more!

With video or audio screenings, Ducknowl can help you prioritize your time when it comes to reaching out to candidates. Allow applicants to answer their screenings on their own time, cutting the time you spend trying to do initial phone screenings in half.

Ducknowl offers a library of over 300 multiple choice skill tests, all with varying levels, with the ability to add customizable content for your specific job requirements. Don’t see the skill test you’re looking for? We can upload your content for no additional charge.

Ducknowl's state-of-the-art proctoring features ensure the integrity of assessment results. Reach out to us if you would like to learn how by requesting a demo on this page!

All data is easily shareable with team members regardless of whether or not they use the platform.

With Greenhouse Integration, all of the applicant data will seamlessly flow from your ATS into the Ducknowl platform. We can also send screening data from Ducknowl to shoot back into your Greenhouse account.

Whether you are a one man army, or an enterprise, we are your solution to seamless screening integrations.

It is that easy :)! If you would like to learn more, please request a demo on this page.

Say goodbye to bias and bait and switch. Welcome to data driven recruitment!