Make hiring better at every step: find the best talent, manage candidate outreach, and automate interview scheduling.

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Automate your recruiting operations so you can create the best recruiting experience possible

Finding and engaging the best talent: Dover uses bespoke candidate evaluation technology to help you find and engage with the ideal candidates for your roles and delivers them to you directly in Slack. With the click of a button, we manage outreach and scheduling.

Benchmarks and conversion rates: Funnel metrics and benchmarks help you move candidates through the funnel quickly and ensure no one falls through the cracks. Dover allows you to measure your progress and compare against industry standards so you can continuously fine-tune your approach.

Interviews: Dover conducts standardized and comprehensive early-stage interviews for you as soon as a candidate is available, allowing you to strike while the iron is hot with promising candidates and filter out those who may not be a fit early on. And, it allows you to speak directly with candidates you're excited about, offering you the flexibility you need to create a great recruiting experience.

Candidate Sources and Integrations: Dover helps you leverage candidate sources such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Triplebyte and integrates with Greenhouse so you don't miss a thing.