Write inclusive job ads, expand your reach to diverse talent and screen applicants without bias.

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Source, measure & track your diverse talent pool

Diversely’s platform offers flexible and custom diversity analytics and inclusive recruitment tools to help your hiring teams attract and convert more diverse and under-represented talent pools to your jobs.

1. D&I dashboard sets your diversity goals and tracks your progress: At Diversely our approach is unique but simple. We start by helping you understand where you are with diversity as a business so you can set realistic hiring targets and track your progress going forward. Your talent pipeline, coming in through your Diversely account, will be measured and tracked against these measures of diversity success.

2. Bias Analyzer increases your appeal to under-represented groups: Remove bias from your job ads and communication. Our unique augmented writing tool removes language and structural bias across 5 elements of diversity in under 5 seconds to quickly increase your diverse pipeline.

3. Diverse Job Board Posting to increase your pipeline diversity. Post to the best job board for your diverse talent needs. Diversely is the only platform that sorts and recommends from over 600+ global, diverse and free job boards that help you target and attract diverse candidates in one click.

4. Applicant Anonymization to connect with candidates fairly and without bias: Anonymize all applicant CVs - automatically. Our applicant anonymizer recruitment tool is trained to remove all forms of identifiable applicant information to highlight skills and experience alone. With the candidate’s permission, we remove names, ages, photos and gendered language to ensure a bias-free round of hiring.

5. Diversely Certification to gain recognition as a diverse employer: Recognition for your D&I efforts and impact through Diversely certification