CrediBLL is an artificial intelligence company that combines machine learning and human intelligence to simplify niche hiring. Hire Top Machine Learning, Cloud, Big Data, Full Stack, IoT, Robotics and Hardware Design Verification Engineers on our platform.

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CrediBLL is a niche-technology focused job search marketplace. Matching (In)CrediBLL talent with credible employers.

CrediBLL is an AI-powered job search marketplace for machine learning, big data, full stack, and cloud & design verification professionals. We offer an intuitive user interface for employers. Clients can define their hiring needs, on board their co-workers, schedule interviews, make offers, and communicate with job seekers.

CrediBLL offers web & mobile applications for job seekers to complete their profiles, indicate when they are ready to make next career move, accept or decline offers made to them by the various employers, and communicate with employers within the job seeker.

All job seekers go through our unique vetting process which includes digital profile validation, social contribution verification, and technology screenings by our subject matter experts (SMEs).

Our vetting process, machine learning algorithms, niche technology focus, and experience simplify talent acquisition for employers hiring on our marketplace.

At CrediBLL, we bridge the gap between job seekers and opportunities. Job seekers are given additional mentorship to help target missed opportunities, provided relevant information in skill gaps, and prepared for interviews with specific clients.

CrediBLL provides additional benefits for employers by creating job-based targeted marketing anonymously to attract the best job seekers. Employers get a pool of vetted job seekers for their specific needs, which helps them to reduce the prolonged cycle of niche skill hiring.