Consider gets referrals from your colleagues, searches online profiles, and matches historical applicants to your open jobs.

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Talent sourcing on autopilot

Loved by hiring managers and recruiters alike, Consider truly puts talent sourcing on auto-pilot.

Are you tired of painstaking keyword searches on many sites, nagging employees for referrals, and buying lots of expensive licenses?

Post your jobs in Greenhouse and let Consider do all the hard work to find just the right talent for you.

Consider will automatically

  • Translate your job description to the perfect query and search across online profiles from every talent website
  • Find matching candidates known to your colleagues and ask for recommendations over Slack and email.
  • Match each historical applicant in Greenhouse against all open jobs, and route the best matches to the right hiring teams.
  • Highlight the evidence that easily explains why the talent is a great match
  • Provide contact information and introduction possibilities from your colleagues
  • Track your email conversations and introductions in one place
  • Synchronize Consider-sourced candidates back to Greenhouse

Power users can use Consider’s advanced search engine built with natural language clauses over millions of features to run the most precise talent search.

Insightful Analytics help you identify and reward the top sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers and individual contributors.

The platform is built on web-scale classification, ranking and recommendation algorithms, ensuring 10X quality.

Consider is built with pride to be a secure, GDPR-ready cloud app that you can deploy in minutes. See it in action with a personalized demo.