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Smart Background Checks and Drug Screens

Established in 1994, CompuFACT is a background check and drug screening company committed to providing the most innovative products, competitive prices and caring customer service. Our capabilities are without boundaries, providing background checks from all across the world in formats that are customizable to your specific needs. Our one of a kind “Smartphone Plus” technology connects all internet connected electronic devices to the Greenhouse platform for stronger connectivity than what traditional integrations offer.

The CompuFACT Benefits

Speed Nearly half of our reports have instant turnaround speeds, with most of the remaining reports having a one to two-day turnaround time! Statistics show that CompuFACT is more than sixty percent faster than the competition.

Experience With two and a half decades of experience, CompuFACT sets the bar by providing stronger compliance, smarter technology, and exceptional customer service.

Free Integration CompuFACT’s “Greenhouse Direct” technology provides easier and a more secure connection to the Greenhouse platform. This seamless integration is customizable, tweakable, and usually free of charge.

The “Smartphone Plus” Advantage

Smartphone Plus technology connects you with prospective applicants like never before. Releases, reminders, and updates can be sent directly to your applicant’s email, tablet or mobile device. Smartphone Plus is your best option for eliminating frustrating Job Applicant connection failures.