helps you in spotting good developers in evaluating their ability to write clean code.

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Automated code assessment of your candidates.

Automated code assessments for real world parameters. helps companies spot developers by evaluating their ability to write good code. Codu is an AI code evaluation assistant, the first in the world to evaluate for clean code. And that too, for any coding challenge, solved by your candidates.

Go beyond screening tests:

Codu highlights clean code practices as well as suggests improvements. Its AI is trained to evaluate for Readability, Object modeling, and Maintainability. Codu also looks for encapsulation breaks, magic numbers, code duplication and much more.

Customize the assessment parameters:

Create your own custom assessment for each role you are hiring for, from junior developers to experienced practitioners. You can custom select the assessment criterias and their score to suit your needs.

Assessment result in minutes:

Good candidates don’t wait around for you to finish their code evaluation days after they submitted. Codu helps recruiters identify good code submissions instantly. You’ll receive a full report of your code quality within minutes.

Integrating codu with Greenhouse allows you to:

  • Send tests directly from Greenhouse
  • Receive results of code assessment as soon as the candidate com