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Hire high-caliber technical talent and build more diverse engineering teams

CodeSignal is the leading technical interview and assessment solution that helps companies identify the right candidates with the right skills—even if they don’t have the “right” profile. CodeSignal helps companies go beyond the noise of technical recruiting with smarter questions, a simpler process, and stronger platform.


Research-backed coding evaluations used to identify quality candidates from high-volume pipelines quickly and effectively, at scale

  • Instantly send pre-screen assessments to your entire candidate pipeline and start evaluating applicants based on their skills, not just their resume

  • We handle everything in software engineer screening, from question design to assessment delivery and results analysis, leaving you time to focus on your best talent

  • Our ID verification, plagiarism technology, and human review process ensure that Coding Reports and Assessment Results indicate a candidate’s true skills


Scheduled, human-led and computer-scored interviews designed to replace the traditional technical phone screen

  • Tech screening interviews are scheduled with candidates at a time that is convenient for them, with around the clock availability
  • Wow your candidates with an excellent experience led by a friendly product expert in a state-of-the-art development environment

  • Reliably identify qualified candidates and minimize bias with questions that are built by subject matter experts and validated by IO Psychologists


Interactive IDE-based interview experience with tasks, audio and video for in-person & remote interviewing

  • Leverage the collaborative editing and whiteboarding functionality of our advanced IDE to do one-on-one or many-to-one interviews with technical candidates

  • Choose from a list of 4,000+ predefined questions or ask custom questions on the fly

  • Playback and share session recordings right after the interview to your entire hiring team for review