Create and use real-world take home coding tests to automatically identify your developer candidates' likely level of performance on the job.

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Hire the right developers with real-world coding challenges

CodeScreen enables companies to quickly identify the best developers by screening candidates with realistic and asynchronous assessments.

Candidates take tests offline, at home, using familiar tools and workflows, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability.

Automated test-suite scoring and code analysis results in an in-depth report generated for every CodeScreen test, greatly reducing the time taken to filter applicants.

Our real-world coding environment and anonymous candidate mode help remove bias in your interview process, allowing you to hire based on merit, not assumptions.



Custom assessments

Custom assessments are a first-class concept in CodeScreen. CodeScreen allows you to easily import your existing take-home tests into our platform, allowing you to greatly accelerate your screening process while maintaining accuracy. For each custom assessment, we provide you with a GitHub template repo in which you can add your assessment details and set up automated grading.

GitHub template repo for a custom assessment. GitHub template repo for a custom assessment.

Library assessments

CodeScreen provides a library of over 100 automated assessments across various roles, languages, skills, and experience levels. All of our assessments are built to replicate realistic problems that candidates are likely to encounter while working for you. We are very concise of the candidate’s time, so all our assessments are designed to be completed within 1.5 – 2 hours.

Searching our assessment library. Searching our assessment library.

Automated grading

CodeScreen’s multi-dimensional automated grading allows you to scale your screening process and enables you to quickly review candidate's code in the same way you review colleagues’ code internally. Our automated grading consists of unit/integration tests, code coverage analysis and static analysis.

Automated Grading features Automated Grading features

Live coding with context

Our Live Coding With Context feature allows you to combine the scale of take-home tests with the personal interaction of live coding. This feature allows candidates to first think about the assessment and implement a solution in their own time and comfort, removing the negatives that come with the highly contrived & pressurized environments associated with traditional live coding.

Live coding with context example Live coding with context example

Cheating prevention

CodeScreen’s multidimensional toolkit detects and mitigates cheating by candidates, allowing you to trust the legitimacy of each candidate’s solution. Our Cheating Prevention is broken into 3 components: 1. Plagiarism Checker 2. Title Masking. 3. Exclusive License & Copyright

Cheating prevention features Cheating prevention features

Anonymous mode

CodeScreen provides the option to anonymize any data about a candidate that would reveal the candidate's gender or ethnicity. This removes unconscious bias when reviewing a candidate's solution to one of your CodeScreen assessments, which promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in your organization.

Anonymised candidates stored on CodeScreen. Anonymised candidates stored on CodeScreen.