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Hire top talent referred by other recruiters

Recruiters’ best kept secret

Circular is the invite-only community for startups and tech companies where their in-house recruiters not only hire the best curated candidates, but also improve their candidate experience by inviting them to Circular.

It’s free, 100% GDPR compliant and contribution-based.

Hire talent referred by other recruiters

In only 2 steps you could be hiring the best tech, design, product and marketing talent.

1. Create a position in less than 20 seconds and receive candidates selected by our recruiters. All of them are referred, open to new opportunities and hand-picked for your position by our talent team.

2. Do you like what you see? Send candidates interview requests introducing yourself and adding a tentative date for your first interview. 90% of our candidates answer, 50% of them accept the request!

And yes, it’s free. Hire unlimited candidates with no fees while we are in beta. We just ask you to contribute by inviting candidates too.

Improve your candidate experience

Invite to Circular those remarkable candidates you interviewed but couldn’t hire. As simple as sending them an invitation through Circular or if you prefer, sharing your unique invitation link in your communications with them. And if you feel like doing it, you can also add a referral that will boost their chances of getting the best interview offers.

Of course, our invitation system is GDPR bulletproof.

If candidates accept, they’ll sign up as new Circular candidates having access to exclusive interview offers from other recruiters in the community. And all thanks to your invitation!

Measure you candidate experience

In Circular you can also measure how your candidate experience improves with our free Candidate Net Promoter Score tool. Get access to qualitative and quantitative feedback from your candidates. Create surveys, send them by email or share them by link. See how your CNPS and your team’s improve month by month after start using Circular.