Censia’s unparalleled talent data, insights and multidimensional search makes finding the difference makers easy

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Quickly uncover high performing talent

Censia Talent Intelligence delivers unparalleled talent data, talent and workforce insights, multidimensional search and next-generation search categories (including company events and professional experience) directly to Greenhouse.

Companies using Censia can uncover optimally qualified and diverse talent faster than ever. On average, Censia increases recruiter output by 6x, while shortening the time to hire by 50%.


Unparalleled talent data

Censia collects, cleans, and structures talent data from thousands of sources, providing access to the market's best, most complete, and most helpful talent data.

Multidimensional search

Quickly build multidimensional search models to discover the best talent for your organization. Censia infers capability and allows you to search by company size, events (IPO, mergers, etc), industry, sector, and more.

Seamless, ethical AI insights

Censia’s ethical AI is designed to fill in the blind spots in talent data, leveling the playing field for all and giving companies access to talent with the right skills, regardless of their job title.