AI-powered sourcing solution delivering strong pipelines of tech talent ready to interview in <1 week

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AI-powered, human-in-the-loop tech sourcing

Our AI-powered, human-in-the-loop sourcing solution delivers strong pipelines of tech talent, ready to interview with your team within a week. We are specialized in sourcing software engineering, data science/machine learning, and product candidates in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and India.

  • Start receiving vetted and engaged candidates in 1-5 days
  • 80% of candidates submitted for interviews are accepted by hiring teams
  • 10-100+ candidates delivered each month per role as you need
  • 50% cost savings compared to traditional sourcing methods
  • Seamless integration with Greenhouse with no new tools or workflows

Deep domain expertise in tech recruiting

Our proprietary Talent Graph is optimized for technical recruiting with billions of data points and machine learning algorithms built for the software engineering domain. It grants a rich understanding of candidates' backgrounds, skills, and career trajectories, far beyond social networks and resumes.

Accurate and efficient talent matching

We leverage our AI system and 15M tech talent pool to assess the mutual fit with your job, team, and company, and identify the top-tier candidates with an 80% matching accuracy.

Hyper-personalized engagement at scale

Our system crafts and sends hyper-personalized email outreach to vetted candidates at scale, highlighting their unique background and career interest, resulting in up to a 30% response rate.

Diversity hiring powered by AI

Our insight-driven talent match eliminates bias from job descriptions and proactively targets underrepresented groups from passive and overlooked talent pools.

Integrating with Greenhouse

Setting up the integration allows you to receive the vetted and engaged candidates sourced by Celential directly in Greenhouse Recruiting so you can seamlessly and immediately start to move them through your recruiting process.