Cauldron helps you reduce the noise in the candidate funnel and hire 3x faster.

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Reduce noise in your funnel and hire 3x faster

Cauldron helps you to convert, screen, and win candidates with role-specific job pages. Pre-screen your funnel or fast-track top applications with quick tasks instead of resumes. You can use Cauldron standalone or on top of Greenhouse.

We help recruiters eliminate the candidate screening bottleneck and hire in less than 7 days.

Cauldron is a layer on top of Greenhouse for you to pre-screen candidates with quick role-specific tasks as applications roll in. On the backend, hiring managers can score those task responses without knowing which applications they belong to.

With Cauldron, you can:

  • Build unique job pages that help you convert and win candidates in less than 7 days

  • Pre-screen candidates with quick high-signal tasks as they apply

  • Score applications separate from any sensitive data

  • Fast-track top applications with skill-based tasks instead of resumes

  • Seamlessly transfer all applications to Greenhouse