Pre-record your interview questions and invite candidates to respond in their own time.

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Asynchronous video interviews

Canvass enables you to pre-record your interview questions and invite candidates to respond in their own time from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

We’re a modern approach to first stage interviews which saves a ton of time for hiring teams while giving candidates more flexibility:

No more scheduling - we eliminate the need for scheduling as candidates respond at their convenience. It’s great for interviewing across time zones or when candidates are busy during working hours.

Scalable process - you only need to record your questions once to interview thousands of candidates. The ability to interview around the clock, while spending your time on other priorities in parallel, is truly a recruiting superpower.

Better diversity - you’re able to meet more candidates as a result of the increased efficiency and give more people a chance to shine through.

Integrated workflow - we plug seamlessly into your existing processes as you're able to send invitations and review responses all from within Greenhouse.

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