Identify the best candidates faster, and diversify your teams using bias-free job simulation tests.

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Evaluate both technical & soft skills objectively

Be part of the change. Give each candidate a fair chance to showcase their professional skills and potential. Identify the best candidates for any position and dramatically reduce the likelihood of a bad hire by creating bias-free, tailor-made job simulation tests, which are the best predictor of job suitability.

Our unique and holistic approach empowers recruiters and hiring managers to hire the best candidates by objectively evaluating technical skills alongside soft-skills, using variety of assessment types:

  • Coding
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Open Text And Email Communication
  • Presentation
  • Video

Save time and money right out of the gate. Research suggests that job simulation tests are the most effective tool for predicting the right candidate, and dramatically reduce the probability of hiring a bad fit. Use our tests to slash the number of unnecessary interviews by 80%, so that you can spend your valuable time only on those most likely to excel in their role, and hire the best people faster for any department within your company:

We’ve got a lot more to offer. Begin your hiring process with our ready-made job-simulations or tell us about your needs, and we will design a tailor-made job-simulation just for you.