CandidateZip - An innovative tool bringing accuracy & automation to the hiring workflows

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Code-free App Automating Workflows in No Time

CandidateZip automates the resume data extraction. It allows the users to accurately extract custom candidate fields from resumes and automate their hiring workflows in no time.

It helps save time, money, and the recruiters achieve hiring success by up to 90%. The hiring process becomes easy & a perfect candidate can be hired within a few clicks.

CandidateZip functions:

Email Parsing:

It allows you to directly import Excel file data into your CRM/ ATS from a downloaded file.

Parsing through Power Automate:

A recruiter can create and automate workflows without any technical hassle.

CandidateZip for Zoho Recruit:

Add candidates to Zoho Recruit Panel directly by adding resume files and extract specific data fields from incoming emails.

Zip parsing:

Directly import Excel file data into your CRM/ ATS from a downloaded file.