Save time and hire confidently with a technical interview that simulates what engineers actually do every day.

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The out-of-the-box solution that replaces pre-onsite interviews across your key technical roles

Byteboard technical interviews are designed to replace pre-onsite interviews across all of your key technical roles. Candidates work through a small, time-boxed project that simulates real-life asynchronous work.

With Byteboard's project-based assessments, you can evaluate the skills software engineers need to be successful, not just how good candidates are at taking tests. Our trained and calibrated graders evaluate candidates across +20 key skills mapped to the job. Each assessment is created by our assessment design team in accordance with assessment theory best practices.

Byteboard embeds directly into your current Greenhouse interview plan workflow, making it easy to start sending technical interviews and measuring the skills that matter.


Candidate skills report

For every candidate Byteboard's skills report lets you see a recommendation at a glance, review the skills report to see strengths and opportunities, or do a deep dive into the work sample itself. Recommendations are calibrated to the needs of your organization. With integration, you can review a candidate’s Byteboard results directly from Greenhouse.

Candidate skills report

Project-based assessment

Our realistic assessments mimic what an engineer would do on the job, assessing for skills like code quality, product sense, and trade-off analysis—things you can’t measure in a traditional interview. With integration, you can invite a candidate to take a Byteboard interview directly from Greenhouse.

Project-based assessment

Better candidate experience

We built Byteboard to ensure everyone, regardless of background, has a fair chance to demonstrate their skills. Review of candidate materials are fully anonymized reducing bias, while the asynchronous interview format limits candidate anxiety.