BrainsFirst’s games assess brain functions fueling performance. Bias-free & neuroscience-based.

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Hire for future potential today

Looking for a future perspective on talent? After 6 years of neuroscientific research, BrainsFirst has succeeded in providing insights into the natural source of human performance: the brain. Our mission is to improve talent management in a sustainable way by combining solid neuro-assessment games & hard data science. We don’t ask, nor offer space for making up. We measure. In this way, we enable you – just like organizations in elite sports, business and healthcare – to assess each talent fairly and factual. And to look for the right context to excel. Balancing brain & job.

· Bias-free assessment games

· Remote platform: from 1 - 10.000 candidates per campaign

· Easy-to-use reports, including interview guide & questions

· Backed by neuroscience

· Valid for both recruitment & talent mobility purposes

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