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Betts Connect is a SaaS hiring platform that enables you to save time, money and refocus on growth.

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Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
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Your dream hire is a few clicks away.

Screening unqualified candidates takes time, and gets you no closer to hiring for your open headcount. Meanwhile, every day you go without filling revenue-generating roles costs your company money.

Betts Connect, the online platform from Betts Recruiting, brings you more efficiency and better quality control in your hiring process, so you can hire your dream candidate faster than ever. The platform gives you full access to the extensive Betts network of elite revenue-generators. That means you draw from a network filled exclusively with qualified, vetted professionals open to new opportunities. No more screening for basic qualifications. No more cold outreach. Just one big network of accomplished revenue generators waiting to hear from you.

Meet Betts Connect


Connect’s interface easily filters candidates

In our easily filtered interface—you can sort through our always-active, go-to-market talent pool based on deal sizes, quotas and dozens of other KPIS, all for an affordable annual fee.

KPI Visibility KPI Visibility

Connect matches you with your perfect candidate

Betts Connect predicts which candidates will be a good fit for your open jobs. With comprehensive profiles instantly available to hiring managers, Betts Connect is streamlining the process of connecting you with the top professionals in your region for revenue-generating roles.

Candidate Matching Candidate Matching

Connect uses AI to activate passive candidates

With Just in Time (JIT) Talent from Betts Connect, you can purchase blocks of guaranteed interviews to hire 1 person or 500. Think of JIT as RPO 2.0.

Just in Time Talent Just in Time Talent

Connect CSMs are former recruiters

Connect Customer Success Managers s are ex-recruiters with best-in-class NPS scores, which ensures you’ll get the best support on the platform.

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