Leverage the community of interview experts to hire the best and most diverse talent by conducting fair, transparent, and efficient interviews.

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BarRaiser brings a community of Interviewers to conduct structured and unbiased technical interviews

BarRaiser's AI-powered platform schedules candidate interviews around the clock, utilizing a global community of recognized interview experts from leading companies. Recruiters and hiring managers receive detailed assessment reports and recommendations, while job seekers enjoy a structured, personalized interviewing experience.

With thousands of interview templates, auto-scheduling features, video interviews, debriefs and AI-supported analytics, BarRaiser is quickly becoming the new gold standard for swift, fair, transparent, and efficient interviews, especially among the technology companies. Companies can subscribe to the standalone BarRaiser smart interview platform (SaaS) or add the Interview Expert Community support (BarRaiser+) option.

Our proprietary AI generates a normalized BarRaiser Global Score (BGSTM) – an industry-acclaimed benchmark of candidates' true potential based on 200+ data points throughout the interview.

Since we seamlessly integrate with the majority of ATS and HR tech stack, onboarding of your team becomes super-easy.

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