Our tools and tests are based on the latest research, helping you build a successful organization.

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We help you reach zero talent waste

Assessio is a consulting company specialised in strategic HR with digital solutions for selection and development. We provide our clients with data-driven insights about current and prospective employees, with the aim of predicting performance and improving work behaviours, leading to better performing organisations.

Our offer is based on our data driven and cloud-based platform Ascend. The Ascend platform streamlines your recruitment process, helping you pinpoint future leaders, and ensuring that your people are placed in the right roles to achieve success. Based on validated science and the latest advances in work psychology, our tests are developed by some of the world’s leading researchers in strategic HR.

The insights from our assessments can be adapted for the needs of every organization and can support better people decisions in all HR processes. The assessment suite covers:

• Personality

• Cognitive ability

• Risk behaviors

• Values

Whether you are finding the right candidate, developing internal talent, building high performance teams or creating functional management, we can help you. Our tools and tests are based on the latest scientific research, helping you build a successful organization with zero talent waste.


MAP – Measures personality & predicts job performance

MAP is a comprehensive personality test that measures individual characteristics and predicts behaviors critical for working life. MAP is used for screening, selection and development of personnel.

MAP-X – Identifies counterproductive behavior at work

MAP-X is a tool that assesses an individual’s likely behavioral proclivities in relation to personality traits. Such proclivities can lead to counterproductive behavior and MAP-X helps you identify any challenges that a candidate may have.

MATRIGMA – World leading aptitude tests that identifies potential

Matrigma is a non-verbal type of reasoning test that captures the ability to solve problems with no prior knowledge or experience. Hence, Matrigma is the optimal instrument for identifying individual potential across cultures and regardless of social or educational background.

MATCH-V – Matches organizational cultures with the values of individuals

MATCH-V helps companies to define their organizational culture and match it to individual's values and cultural preferences. The test ensures that your employees are driven by the same things as the rest of the organization.