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Arctic Shores helps companies measure people’s potential; our unique assessment provides the insight to make better hiring decisions.

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Company sizes supported 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
Regions supported EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific), South America
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Unlock your candidates’ potential by measuring personality traits and workplace intelligence

Arctic Shores is the potential-based hiring company, working with 100s of organisations, including PwC and Siemens. Their unique assessment measures personality and workplace intelligence together. Say goodbye to traditional assessments, and hello to:

*Improved diversity *Reduced time-to-hire *Slashed recruitment costs *Better candidate experience

Key benefits:

- See beyond the CV, with an assessment that reveals a candidates’ potential to succeed in a role
- Reduce unconscious bias, making your recruitment process fairer
- Access subject matter expertise with our Business Psychologists
- Reduce test anxiety for candidates - helping them to enjoy the process.
- Reasonable adjustments for neurodiverse candidates

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Our task based assessment unlocks potential

All candidates take a series of intuitive and engaging tasks, designed by our experts and in conjunction with the University of Oxford. These tasks measure a series of personality traits. Talent managers select the key traits that the tasks will measure and ultimately, demonstrate a candidate's ability to be successful in their role. For example, adapting or determination.

Workplace intelligence tasks show learning ability

The other piece in the puzzle to get a complete view of a candidate's potential is to measure their reasoning capabilities or workplace intelligence. Two additional tasks evaluate inductive and quantitative reasoning. In these engaging tasks, sequences are generated at random making the scope for candidates to 'practice' in advance not possible and providing a more accurate result.

All candidates receive a feedback report

In a world where candidate experience is critical and talent teams are stretched; all candidates who complete the assessment will receive tailored feedback that they can take forward. This report is automatically generated meaning that all candidates are contacted quickly and given useful feedback to take forward.

Quickly sift quality, diverse talent

Assessment scores are automatically pulled into your Greenhouse platform to allow teams to seamlessly move candidates through the process. This is done with the insight to make great hiring decisions in the most efficient and unbiased way.

Useful manager guide to support with interviews

An accessible guide for hiring managers that reflects the traits you are assessing for. This means that managers continue to focus on potential throughout your hiring process.