AmazingHiring is a powerful search engine for technical recruiters.

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The ultimate search engine for technical talent

AmazingHiring is a powerful search engine for technical recruiters. It solves two major problems: how to find more candidates and how to assess the candidates before an interview.

The system aggregates software engineering and data scientists’ profiles from more than 50+ sources and creates «consolidated profiles» – so you can immediately see skills and professional achievements of a candidate as well as possible ways to communicate with him/her. We use Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms to evaluate each candidate, analyzing both their code and ratings on professional sources.

You can also create “live” resumes – uploading CVs for candidates so that the resumes will always stay up-to-date – based on the information about the candidates available in the Internet. When you upload CVs, they will stay private – only recruiters from your company will be able to see them.

With AmazingHiring, you’ll find real technology stars: their profiles are starred (or marked with medals) for outstanding achievements on various professional sources. Besides, you can always select different ranking for your search results depending on whether you want to see “open source stars” first, or those, who are the best on Stackoverflow (or on Kaggle, or on Google Play)

Use «Show Hidden Stars» button to expand your search horizon. The feature displays candidates who don’t tend to be visible or never share their data within professional social networks, keeping only profiles on selected software development resources.

In addition to its basic sourcing function, AmazingHiring provides a market analysis. For instance, you can see statistics about companies: breakdown on the use of technologies inside a company, or top 5 companies specialists come from and top 5 companies people join upon leaving this particular company. Also, you can see stats on candidates’ “seniority level” for your search results.

And last, in AmazingHiring you can save candidates into “Vacancies” (folders) and process the saved candidates later.

Get your secret technological advantage!