Communicate total rewards with interactive offer letters and streamline your compensation workflows

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Putting people at the center of compensation

Agora makes it easy to create interactive, exciting offer letters to help your candidates understand their total compensation including salary, equity, benefits, and bonuses. Candidates can visualize how their compensation (and equity) can grow over time with their careers. You can fully customize and brand your offers within minutes of signing up. Agora helps your company close more candidates, remove manual processes, and answer questions before them come up.

Agora integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse to supercharge your offer letter communication. When creating an offer in Greenhouse, your visual offer will be generated automatically in Agora and synced back to Greenhouse.

Agora is a modular total compensation platform that includes:

  • Interactive offer letters: Drive candidate conversion with a unique confetti-filled offer experience that highlights the value of their equity and benefits.
  • Comp band management: Say goodbye to spreadsheets — centralize your pay bands and job architecture in a single source of truth.
  • Total rewards portals: Retain employees and align them with your compensation philosophy by showcasing their past and potential compensation growth.
  • People Analytics: Identify pay gaps and anomalies proactively by letting us crunch the numbers on your compensation data.