Identify your top candidates and improve the quality of every new hire using science built on decades of research.

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Make Faster, Better Hiring Decisions with Science

Affintus helps organizations hire the right people and helps people find jobs they love.

Improve the quality of every hire and virtually eliminate hiring mistakes using the Affintus pre-hire assessment. You learn about each job seeker's strengths in 19 different work dimensions as well as how each candidate's strengths compare to the unique success requirements of your job.

Affintus recognizes the importance of your DEI strategy. Our system design is built to reduce early process selection bias, providing a fair path to consideration for every candidate.

Built on decades of research and the largest survey data set in the industry, Affintus helps you reduce turnover, increase employee engagement and productivity, plus you can reduce selection time and effort by up to 30 percent for each open position!

Using Affintus also helps improve your organization's reputation and eliminates the application black hole. Job seeker experience is greatly enhanced with each candidate receiving the most detailed feedback report in the industry.

Affintus. Hire Smart.