Talent marketing to the most competitive talent pool: Tech professionals

Tech talent is in high demand. When hiring engineers and highly skilled tech workers, every company is competing with Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Attracting top tech talent begins with understanding how they are different from candidates seeking other roles - how they search for jobs, how they talk about their careers and what they want to hear from potential employers.

This expert panel of speakers from Wayfair, Hubspot, Seen by Indeed, and Greenhouse will discuss the techniques that have had the biggest impact in attracting the most competitive talent to their companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to stand out and win top tech talent
  • The role of talent branding in attracting tech pros
  • Tips to achieve buy-in from hiring managers and tech professionals on your team
  • How to measure the success of your talent marketing


  • Gus Brewer, Head of Technical Recruiting, Hubspot
  • Elliott Garlock, Head of Employer Brand, Wayfair
  • Peter Zejda, Sr. Director of Engineering, Seen
  • Katie DiCioccio, Technical Recruiting Manager, Greenhouse