Looking for your next ATS after Google Hire?

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Here’s a helpful guide from Greenhouse’s CEO

More companies have already switched to Greenhouse from Google Hire than any other recruiting solution - over 50 companies have moved to Greenhouse Recruiting from Google Hire over the last year alone. In fact, a number of Alphabet’s (Google’s own parent) portfolio companies are already using Greenhouse. With the news of Google Hire ceasing operations, there won’t be a shortage of options for you to consider as you evaluate your next hiring solution. You’ve probably already come across a slew of great deals to switch your platform.

But we know this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

This is hiring. And it’s the single most important success factor for your business. Because without the right people in the right roles, you won’t be able to meet your goals, build that new product, or serve your customers effectively.

As someone who has seen how thousands of companies hire, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes for a company to succeed. Here are three things you should think about when evaluating your next ATS after Google Hire.

Structured hiring and intelligent guidance will set you up for success

What’s your growth plan? Are you hiring more than a handful of people in the next year? If you are, you need a structured hiring process that helps make your life easier. Think about the specific attributes and must have skills you need in the roles you’re interviewing for, before you open the role. If you’re not sure what structured hiring looks or how it sets you up for success, we’ve got you covered.

Also, determine the right tool for your team to meet all of your needs around every step of the hiring process. From sourcing, scheduling, application management all the way through offer creation. Greenhouse has the largest integration partner ecosystem with 300+ partners that integrate seamlessly as you grow your tech stack.

Customize your hiring workflows to your company’s needs

Your company is unique and likely has very specific needs when it comes to hiring. Easy, customizable workflows and user permissions will help your team provide the right level of visibility.

Members of your team often wear many hats. Their time is incredibly valuable, so the more help they can get the better. Features like personalized dashboards, automated tasks, and the ability to work on the go with a mobile app will guide your team. All of these tools will help you free up your team’s time so they can focus on what matters; hiring the best people for your company.

My obsession with Greenhouse started when I discovered the Harvest API which allows for custom configurations and helps with automation. Automating our interviews while still keeping the interaction ‘human’ and massively reducing the manual work needed. Greenhouse not only helps alleviate the team's workload, it also helps the candidate enjoy their interactions with us as a potential employer.
The UX is also absolutely stunning, allowing our team to breeze through a piece as crucial as resume review – something very painful to do within competitors’ UX.
–Emily Yarrington,Greenhouse customer and Head of Talent at Lark

Treat data as your best friend

Every day, organizations leverage data to make objective business decisions and continuously iterate on their processes to improve upon them. Hiring decisions are no different, as they should be based on data and facts. No matter what your company size and goals, Greenhouse enables you to review and iterate your hiring efforts with automated reports to keep everyone informed on performance. This will help save you time on manual calculations and ensure there is visibility into your team activities.

Is Greenhouse right for your company?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Greenhouse can help your company take your hiring to the next level, get in touch with our team.

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