How Stripe creatively finds candidates and builds a recruiting culture

One of the biggest challenges all recruiters face is where to find the best candidates. And even if you’ve found a great source of top talent, how do you keep them interested and moving through your pipeline?

The Recruiting team at Stripe has faced these challenges head on and is excited to share their tips and tricks with you. They’ve built such a strong recruiting culture that around 40% of their hires were introduced through employee referrals! Join Katie Bishop, Recruiter, and Lizz Hounshell, Recruiting Operations Manager, to discuss creative methods for sourcing candidates and how to build a company-wide recruiting culture.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Stripe’s unique approach to prospecting and building a talent pipeline in Greenhouse
  • Why Stripe has embraced referrals without bonuses—and why that tactic was so successful
  • How Stripe uses Teamable to scale their referral program
  • Ways to prioritize both diversity and referrals to build an inclusive organization
  • Tips for including recruiting and referral education in your onboarding program