Hiring hacks: How Squarespace actively engages and sources engineers

As most recruiters know, LinkedIn is no longer an effective source for engaging engineering talent. Engineers are getting handfuls of messages a day from recruiters (are you one of them?) trying to make that first interaction and sell them on a specific role. However, you can’t just depend on one platform to do all the work - in order to make yourself stand out, you have to utilize other resources and techniques.

So, what are those techniques that will make engineers interested in learning more about your company?

Steven Wood, Technical Recruiter at Squarespace, shares the secret sauce of how he successfully engages and sources engineers at Squarespace (think Chrome extensions, x-raying, geotagging - music to your ears yet?). He also shares how leveraging your resources and speaking directly with your internal engineering team can put you one step ahead of the curve.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to write sourcing messages that attract engineers
  • Best practices and channels to leverage when sleuthing the web
  • How to use data to optimize your sourcing processes to get better and faster each time