Campus recruiting reboot: Prepping for Gen Z

As the end of the academic year rapidly approaches, forward-thinking companies are preparing campus recruiting events to increase visibility and source new college graduates. Among these new grads? The first wave of Generation Z.

Entrepreneurial, highly individual and true digital natives, Gen Z-ers have a unique perspective on work and their careers. They also have different sets of needs and interests. So what does it currently take to win at campus recruiting?

In this webinar, Red Ventures and Revature will discuss how campus recruiting helped them reach their hiring goals, the strategies they are evolving to reach this new wave of talent, and how getting your jobs in front of informed candidates can give your company a big advantage.

Join the webinar to learn how to:

  • Align your company to prioritize, support and promote campus recruiting initiatives
  • Create a college recruitment strategy to attract today’s newest talent
  • Determine ROI and success of on-campus events