Building belonging from anywhere: Overcoming onboarding challenges in remote/hybrid workplaces

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Building Belonging 2021

New hire onboarding presents a slew of logistical, technical and cultural challenges, especially as remote/hybrid working environments become the norm. The most thoughtful companies are creating new hire experiences that build belonging from day one. In this session, hosted by Olivia Hirsch, Senior CSM at Greenhouse, you’ll hear from talent leaders Dom Merritt, VP, People at Buildout, and Loribeth Manzolillo, PHR, Human Resources Lead, People Operations at Hudson River Trading. They will address each of the different facets of onboarding and how you can use technology to improve the process for all new hires at your own company.


  • Olivia Hirsch, Senior Customer Success Manager at Greenhouse
  • Dom Merritt, VP, People at Buildout
  • LoriBeth Manzolillo, PHR, HR Operations Lead at Hudson River Trading