AI in Greenhouse: Your key to hiring efficiency in 2024

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has already inspired many businesses to transform their approach to hiring efficiency. From streamlining hiring processes with automation to identifying and sourcing top-tier candidates more effectively, AI is revolutionizing traditional recruiting methods and helping hiring teams do more with less.

Watch this webinar with Madeline Laurano, Founder at Aptitude Research, and Henry Tsai, Chief Product Officer at Greenhouse, to learn about the leading ways AI can be incorporated into hiring – beyond the expected.

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Henry Tsai

Henry is the Chief Product Officer at Greenhouse. With over a decade of experience leading product teams, Henry has a proven track record of innovating and improving products at a variety of companies. Prior to joining Greenhouse as VP of Product & Design, Tsai led product engineering teams at SAP to build context-as-a-service platforms using cutting-edge machine learning and AI.

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Madeline Laurano

Madeline is the Founder and Chief Analyst of Aptitude Research. For over 18 years, Madeline’s primary focus has been on the HCM market, specializing in talent acquisition and employee experience. Her work helps companies both validate and re-evaluate their strategies and understand the role technology can play in driving business outcomes.

AI is an assistant, not a replacement, to humans

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Specific examples of ways Greenhouse can help you incorporate AI into your hiring process today and opportunities for further innovation

  • How recruiters and hiring managers can use AI for content generation, categorization, summarization and automation to improve hiring efficiency

  • Why AI technology helps ensure effective decision-making for your hiring team

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