4 ways structured hiring helps enterprise companies through an unstructured time

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This year has been challenging for nearly every business – it has also fostered new ideas that will shape the path to success. Equipped with learnings from 2020, global enterprises everywhere are taking a look at what they should do to maintain and enhance their bottom line. And the most innovative global enterprise companies are taking this a step further by investing in their hiring.

When it comes down to it, hiring is a strategic function of any successful business. When a high-priority role isn’t filled quickly or isn't offered to the right person, the downstream business effects can be profound.

The world’s leading enterprises win time and time again because they understand that their people drive positive business outcomes. These companies are able to leverage and optimize a consistent and repeatable hiring process by embracing a company-wide mindset. Structured hiring codifies this concept at scale:

  • The ideal candidate is defined by the business objectives of the job
  • A deliberate process and rubric are used to assess all candidates
  • Hiring decisions are based on data and evidence

And structured hiring doesn’t stop there. Nearly all business leaders also want to see an improvement in the global economy and they recognize structured hiring as a way to get there faster. Some of the most powerful economic investments are maintaining inclusive growth with a focus on unlocking the maximum productive potential of all people at work. For example, according to a study by McKinsey, achieving gender equality could add $4 trillion to the US-based economy and closing the racial wealth gap could add $1.5 trillion more. One of the benefits to structured hiring for enterprise companies is reducing bias and increasing the diversity and equity of your workforce, moving these goals closer to reality.

From our work with top enterprises such as DropBox, HubSpot, Booking.com and Wayfair, we’ve seen structured hiring improve efficiency, optimize processes, increase diversity and deliver positive business results. Let’s take a look at four ways structured hiring can help your enterprise through an unstructured time.

1) Provide a positive experience for candidates and new hires

Structured hiring lets you showcase your global brand consistently and effectively, giving your enterprise the confidence that everyone – from hiring managers to recruiters to candidates – has an equitable and positive experience with your brand. Learn how to further strengthen your talent brand by downloading our eBook.

2) Build diverse and inclusive teams

Structured hiring levels the playing field for candidates and enables enterprise companies to hire the most diverse and inclusive teams possible. We’re uniquely positioned to help create a more equitable hiring process to meet your DE&I goals – Greenhouse is the only hiring platform to offer research-backed tools to reduce unconscious bias. For more DE&I tips, learn how to host meaningful DE&I conversations at your company.

3) Hire effectively and consistently, at scale

A structured hiring process means your enterprise has the tools to keep up with business expansion. Greenhouse provides intelligent software designed to scale with you, such as advanced data configuration, permissions, workflows and a globalized interviewer experience, to help you meet the demands of the most complex business systems.

4) Make data-driven decisions

Enterprise companies today look to the data to make informed business decisions – and hiring is no exception. With a structured hiring process, you’ll be able to leverage specific platforms to store and track your hiring data. In other words, no more spreadsheets or loose notepads to keep track of candidate conversations. And Greenhouse takes this a step further – every part of the Greenhouse platform safeguards you and your candidates’ critical information across a secure and redundant global infrastructure. Greenhouse is also ISO 27001 certified, is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant and undergoes a SOC 2 Type 2 audit annually.

Even in an unstructured time, structure is possible when it comes to one of the biggest areas of business success: hiring. We hope this helps you navigate these changing times and better understand why a structured hiring foundation enables your enterprise to reach your goals – today, tomorrow and beyond.

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