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It’s no secret that at Greenhouse we believe a culture of belonging sets the foundation for people from all backgrounds to be their most authentic selves and do their best work. It’s why our software is designed to address unconscious bias throughout every stage of the hiring process.

But there’s one thing that’s more important than any product. They’re the reason for doing what we do, the lifeblood to our organization – our people. In our new People of Greenhouse content series, we’d like to reflect inward and highlight our diverse group of employees who not only make Greenhouse unique, but essentially who we are.

We’d love for you to get to know Greenhouse Employee Experience Coordinator – and the glue that holds Greenhouse’s positive culture together both in person and virtually – Emmett Herrick. Read on to learn more about Emmett and how their personal life and identity intersect with their work life like a well written song.

Greenhouse: As you’re aware – at Greenhouse our mission is to make every company great at hiring. What does that mean to you, and how do you personally connect with this idea?

Emmett: I believe that good people are key to any great company – and “making every company great at hiring” means that we’re helping those companies to not only hire the right people at the right time, but also to set those hires up for success and bring out their fullest potential.

I also love the people at Greenhouse, so I’m honored that a core component of my role is supporting our staff to ensure they have what they need, and consistently feel happy, comfortable and appreciated at work.

Greenhouse: What is one thing about your life outside of work that defines who you are as a person?

Emmett: The music I write and music in general has a significant impact on who I am. I love to sing, and find writing music to be very cathartic – it’s a way for me to work through depression and difficult emotions by externalizing them, thereby concurrently driving personal growth. Music can be such a moving medium by which I express self and circumstance and/or inspire feelings in others. I consider my relationship with music to be reflective of how highly I personally value emotional honesty, empathy and understanding.

Greenhouse: What elements of the Greenhouse company culture or the workplace matter most to you?

Emmett: Greenhouse emphasizes the importance of being human at work, and encourages employees to be our best authentic selves. As a nonbinary person who struggles with depression, it's immeasurably meaningful to be accepted at work, and to be able to be open with my manager, teammates and colleagues about the goings-on in my own life and brain. Frankly, I've never been in a workplace with a healthier approach to inclusivity or that felt more like a second home. Even if we do still have work to do (as all companies do), I’m grateful to be at a company that is always and sincerely dedicated to improving.

Greenhouse: How would you say that your personal life fuels your professional goals?

Emmett: I really value empathizing with others, and spreading feelings of welcomeness and inclusivity. I’d like to grow in my career to eventually become a people manager, and feel that my personal aspirations toward healthily managing my own emotions and being a warm and patient person align with and fuel my professional goals. My hope is to pass on the kindness and nurturing shown to me by my mentors and colleagues at Greenhouse, and help others around me continue to grow and feel a sense of belonging at work.

We’re dedicated to being an inclusive company at Greenhouse – and we know that when people are heard, their voices make a difference. Learn more about the Greenhouse mission at

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