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We’re hitting the road. This October, OPEN 2018 Roadshow is coming to Boston, Austin, and San Francisco. Here’s your first sneak preview of what you can expect to learn at the 1-day immersive hiring event of the season.

We caught up with a few key speakers from Culture Amp who will be leading the D&I; workshops, Build & Maintain a Culture of Inclusivity, at OPEN 2018 Roadshow events in Boston, Austin, and San Francisco. Attendees will learn to understand and measure their organization's inclusion status and develop an action plan that fosters a company-wide culture of belonging.

Let’s see what the pros have to say.

1. What drew you to the Talent/HR industry?

Bailey: I was first exposed to the effect great culture can have on business impact in college, where I was part of a student-run non-profit that focuses heavily on professional development. This focus created a strong incentive for us students to work hard: I felt both purpose and progress in the work I was doing. When I looked for jobs after college, I specifically looked for companies with an emphasis on culture, and since then, have found my way into the HR technology industry.

Lauren: I’ve been in the technology space for over 10 years, mostly in sales roles focused on analytics software and consulting. Once I saw the power employee feedback data can have in improving the culture at an organization and the effect it can make on employees’ everyday lives, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of that change. I’ve had some tough workplace experiences and if I can help reduce the amount of people who experience that, then I am spending my time well.

Steven: Strangely enough, I was sold on joining HR because of the impact that I could have on the bottom line. Tech companies are spending most of their money on employees, so if you want to have the biggest impact on the balance sheet - you go to where the money is. In 2018, your HR strategy should be optimized the way you optimize your products and services.

2. What’s your best advice for someone who wants to be a leader for change in their organization?

Bailey: So much about change is communication, so identify the communication channels available to you, and determine how you can use them to drive change. That might mean giving feedback, sourcing ideas across teams or locations, or creating new channels of communication entirely!

Lauren: Be on the lookout for small wins with measurable results. These can add up to big changes over time. Also, make sure to take care of yourself. There is a lot of work to be done, but you won’t be able to keep up for the long haul if you run yourself into the ground.

Steven: Be radically inclusive. If you want to lead, you need to influence; and if you want to influence, you need to be able to listen and learn from others’ experiences. That all starts with inclusion.

3. October is right around the corner and you’re leading the Build & Maintain a Culture of Inclusivity session in your respective OPEN Roadshow city. What are you most excited about for the event?

Bailey: I live in New York City but am originally from Arizona, so I’m most excited to hear the conversation around Diversity and Inclusion in Austin, which shares a few similarities with both places I’ve called home, in different ways.

Lauren: I haven’t personally spent much time in Boston, so I am excited to learn from leaders in the field about any unique challenges they might be facing in the area.

Steven: In San Francisco, we're having real conversations about race, power, privilege, and white institutions. We're talking about #metoo and #timesup. It's an exciting time!

5. What’s one important thing people can expect to walk away with from your session?

Bailey: We’ll give you an opportunity to touch and feel real D&I; data and consider how you would use it to make decisions – i.e. turning insights into action.

Lauren: People will gain a deeper understanding of what Inclusion actually means, specifically when looked at through the lens of belonging.

Steven: A taste of the Diversity and Inclusion conversations that are happening in companies. Our D&I; Survey is fostering these conversations and attendees are going to get exposure to these challenges in a hypothetical but realistic setting.

6. One sentence or less: what’s the coolest career-related learning you’ve come across in the past month?

Bailey: It’s possible to hire quickly, use referrals, and build diverse teams – something I previously thought impossible!

Lauren: When you are other, your path to success will not be the same as those who are not.

Steven: I've learned that people want to see your vulnerability and authenticity, rather than the polished version of yourself.

7. You’re a People Team superhero already, but if you could have one special superhero power, what would it be?

Bailey: Definitely flying – I love heights and it’d be a great way to remember that there’s a world out there so much larger than I am.

Lauren: Time travel. I’m a huge space nerd and would love the opportunity to see how humanity finds its way among the stars.

Steven: The ability to speak to animals! I would want to know what they think of humans, and I feel like they'd have a great sense of humor too!

The Greenhouse OPEN Roadshow events will all feature three high-impact sessions focusing on D&I;, how to accurately predict your hiring outcomes, and mastering the candidate experience. Register today to get your early bird tickets.

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