New data reveals how hiring managers are coping with new hiring challenges in today’s market

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As workers leave their roles and seek new ones in the Great Reshuffle of today’s talent market, it’s clear that the increased workload is causing new recruitment challenges – and hiring teams are stressed and more susceptible to burnout. But there’s another group that’s feeling the pressure, too – hiring managers. We were curious to see how they’re faring in the current market, so we surveyed over 1,500 people responsible for hiring in their organizations, including C-suite executives and hiring managers. Explore some of our findings below.

What’s making hiring so tough right now?

The record numbers of employees leaving their jobs and large numbers of open roles are having a major impact on hiring managers – 88% say they are experiencing new or more pressure due to the current job market. When asked to identify the most stressful aspects of hiring today, they named struggling to find the right talent, candidates dropping out because compensation is too low and unstructured hiring processes. Their biggest recruiting challenges include creating an employer brand that stands out from competitors, recruiting talent for niche roles and markets and being one-upped on offer packages by other companies.

Hiring is only getting harder

More than two-thirds of hiring managers (67%) say engaging talent is more difficult now than it was before the pandemic. And they only expect it to get harder – 75% say they anticipate hiring becoming more difficult in the year ahead. What does this mean for companies? “You can be sure this represents business risk,” says Greenhouse CEO and Co-founder Daniel Chait.

People-first companies have understood that hiring is a business-critical function – and it needs to be structured, measured and continuously improved. Companies are desperately trying to ‘unlock’ new talent strategies to manage the associated challenges with hiring right now.
–Daniel Chait, Greenhouse CEO and Co-founder

Trying to meet candidates’ expectations

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, hiring managers are taking steps to meet candidates’ expectations.

Proactively offering more feedback

Over 90% of hiring managers say they are proactive in providing feedback to candidates, with 32% saying their organizations always try to provide feedback. However, there appears to be a disconnect. A whopping 75% of job seekers said they have been ghosted following an interview, according to Greenhouse’s Candidate experience report released in February. This is a major oversight since more than 60% of candidates say that receiving feedback during the interview process – even if they didn’t receive an offer – would make them more likely to apply for future jobs at that company.

Increasing salaries and improving benefits

A large number of respondents(74%) plan to increase salaries this year. And this isn’t the only positive change when it comes to pay. A full 81% believe that advertising salary ranges will help them attract the right candidates. Similarly, 75% of hiring managers think candidates are more demanding in terms of benefits than before the pandemic. They report that the most popular benefits include flexible working hours, wellness programs and paid training and development.

Promoting from within

With high levels of vacant roles, companies are increasingly looking at their internal talent pool to fill them. The survey shows that the biggest source of talent today is internal promotions and transfers.

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