Leveraging LinkedIn: How to attract top talent with your employer brand (Part 2)

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Welcome to Part 2 of our mini-series, 'Leveraging LinkedIn to attract top talent'. In Part 1, we explored how you can use LinkedIn to create a compelling brand story – from celebrating your mission, to personalizing engagement, to using creative tactics. Now, let's continue our journey with more insights on how visual narratives and feedback can further enhance your LinkedIn strategy to attract top talent.

Tip #4: Let visuals help bring your story to life

On our Greenhouse LinkedIn Life page, you see more than mere images. Each photo, video or graphic weaves a story of life at Greenhouse. We're not just showcasing aesthetics; we're sharing narratives. Every post and every visual is a chapter of our story, rich with the everyday essence of Greenhouse – from inspirational remote working backdrops to offsites in tropical locations. Our visuals aren't just elements; they're expressions of our authentic, dynamic workplace.

Crafting a visual narrative

Storytelling through images: Each visual we share is a deliberate choice, a snippet of our story. We don't just display the highlights; we reveal the real, unscripted moments that make up our daily lives. These visuals resonate with our culture's heartbeat, showcasing what makes our workplace unique.

Employee-generated content: We encourage our team members to become storytellers, sharing their experiences through their lenses. This approach adds depth and diversity to our narrative, making it relatable and genuine for potential candidates.

Consistency and brand identity

Visual consistency: Our visual style echoes our brand's voice. From the colors we use to the layout of our posts, every element aligns with Greenhouse's branding guidelines, reinforcing our identity at every touchpoint.

Highlighting company values: We don't just state our values; we visualize them. If innovation drives us, you'll see brainstorming sessions and groundbreaking projects. Our visuals are more than pictures; they're manifestations of what we stand for.

Tip #5: Evolve with insights

Adapting and evolving with feedback is crucial for maintaining a dynamic employer brand. At Greenhouse, we treasure insights, incorporating candidate feedback into our strategy to keep our pulse on their perceptions and aspirations. Make feedback your guiding star.

Integrating feedback in strategy

Candidate surveys: We regularly connect with candidates post-interview to understand their impressions. This feedback is a gold mine, revealing what draws in candidates and where we can enhance their experiences.

Implementing changes based on insights: When candidates voice their opinions, we listen and act. If they enjoy behind-the-scenes glimpses on LinkedIn, we enrich our content with more such stories.

Continuous improvement

Analyzing LinkedIn analytics: We leverage LinkedIn's analytics to measure our content's impact. Engagement rates and follower growth are our barometers, guiding our branding efforts.

Adapting with market trends: Staying on top of employer branding and recruitment trends is key. We continuously refine our LinkedIn strategy to ensure it remains at the forefront and is effective and relevant.

In conclusion

Your employer brand is a mirror of your company's soul. At Greenhouse, we've woven this belief into our LinkedIn presence, turning potential connections into meaningful dialogues. As you journey through the realm of employer branding, remember: authenticity resonates. Stay true to your company's essence, evolve with insights and invest in visual storytelling. Through these practices, you can transform LinkedIn into a powerful platform to showcase your employer brand, attract top talent and foster a vibrant, engaged community.

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Adrina August

Adrina August

is the EMEA Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse Software, where she develops and elevates content that resonates in the EMEA region. Beyond her expertise as a subject matter expert in hiring content, Adrina finds joy in teaching her dogs new tricks. In addition to her primary role, she remains committed to workplace inclusion as the Vice Chair for the Blackhouse Arbor Employee Resource Group (ERG). To learn more about the dynamic world of EMEA content marketing or to share a dog trick or two, feel free to connect with Adrina on LinkedIn.

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