Greenhouse open 2019 Speaker Series: hiring manager Hacks with Kurtis Stein, Head of Talent, Wrike

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We can’t believe that Greenhouse OPEN 2019 is kicking off next week. With only a few days left to go, we’re beaming with excitement about the knowledge sharing to come at the legendary Jacob Javits Center in NYC.

One of the most anticipated sessions, How to Train Your Dragon: Tools to Coach Hiring Managers, will feature Kurtis Stein, Head of Talent at online project management software company Wrike. This “fiery” training session will give recruiters a look into how both Wrike and Credera help their hiring managers become better at structured hiring.

With over 14 years of HR experience and a passion for humanizing the candidate experience and empowering leaders to reach their potential, Kurtis brings unmatched insights that can’t be found anywhere else. We caught up with him to get a sneak peek into what attendees should expect during this session when he’ll be joined by Alexandra Moore, Director of Talent Acquisition, at Credera.

Greenhouse: You've been recruiting for over 14 years, which is absolutely incredible. How did you end up on this path?

Kurtis: I started out in Finance and fell in love with selling. After talking with a few friends that were recruiters, I got excited about the potential to make good money and joined an agency.

Greenhouse: What's your advice for any Talent Maker who's hoping to create change in their organization? Any lessons from your career you can share with us?

Kurtis: Take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn something new when talking to candidates, hiring managers, executives, references, referrals, work associates and more. If you have the ability to learn and adapt quickly from the knowledge you gain you can be exponentially successful.

As for any career lessons, “Always Be Recruiting.” You can't hire everyone. By treating people with dignity and understanding the candidate experience, you will see a return when you least expect it.

Greenhouse: What are some of the biggest challenges that recruiters may face in their relationships with hiring managers?

Kurtis: Building trust through performance. Being accountable for your performance and being able to influence business decisions with quantifiable data is something that takes time, but you are in control of how soon it happens.

Greenhouse: What is one key tip that attendees can expect to take away from your session?

Kurtis: Calibration is essential. Always think about the “what, why, when and how.”

Greenhouse: Complete this sentence: If employers want to get the best Talent through the door (and keep them), they better make sure they’re focusing on ________.

Kurtis: ...rewarding value that matches with individual goals. You must know your employee base well enough to personalize their experience and adapt to your organization's needs over time.

Kurtis Stein will be speaking on June 12 during the session How to Train Your Dragon: Tools to Coach Hiring Managers. You can check out the full agenda and register for Greenhouse OPEN 2019 here.

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