Greenhouse open 2019 Speaker Series: fostering inclusion with Mita Mallick, Unilever’s Head of Diversity and Cross Cultural Marketing

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It’s official: Greenhouse OPEN 2019 is nearly a month away! For this year’s event, we’re celebrating the Talent Makers – the people who understand the connection between hiring and business growth.

We see Talent Makers as both the unsung heroes of the hiring process and the business leaders who champion great hiring and talent-making to drive their businesses forward. If this sounds like you – or the type of people you’d like to learn from and network with – head over to the Greenhouse OPEN 2019 website to learn more.

We couldn’t think of a better Talent Maker to kick off our OPEN 2019 Speaker Series than Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity and Cross Cultural Marketing at Unilever. Mita will share her approach to creating a culture of inclusion during her session: Culture Fuels Strategy in the Most Successful Companies and gave us an exclusive preview here.

Greenhouse: The word "culture" can often seem like a buzzword without a clear meaning. What does culture mean to you in the context of the workplace?

Mita Mallick: Culture to me is about creating a community where people do the right thing when no one is looking. You can have all the programs and policies you want in place. And at the end of the day, leaders need to bring humanity back into our workplaces.

GH: As the Head of Diversity and Cross Cultural Marketing, you're leading the charge on impactful inclusion initiatives. Can you tell us a bit about the importance of your role at Unilever?

MM: My purpose is around empowering those who have been excluded to help them find their voice. And once you find your voice, to never stop using it. I am focused on creating a workforce to reflect all of the communities we serve across North America every single day with our products. We want a community where everyone feels comfortable using their voice, where every voice matters and every story is celebrated.

GH: What are a few of the effects of a negative workplace culture?

MM: High turnover. Individuals’ well-being at risk. And ultimately a negative impact on business results.

GH: Complete this sentence: If employers want to get the best talent through the door (and keep them), they better make sure they’re focusing on ________.

MM: Recognizing and valuing talent.

GH: What’s one important thing people can expect to walk away with from your session?

MM: Advice and guidance on building an inclusive culture.

Mita will be speaking on June 12 at the session: Culture Fuels Strategy in the Most Successful Companies. Don’t miss it! You can check out the full agenda and register for Greenhouse OPEN 2019 here.

Dinah Alobeid

Dinah Alobeid

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