The Launch of Greenhouse CRM: A message from Greenhouse’s Cofounder

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Today I’m excited to announce the launch of Greenhouse CRM, which allows you to build your most valuable asset: your talent network.

When we first started Greenhouse, we focused on building the best tool for recruiting and hiring candidates. As the competition for top talent intensified, leading companies responded by increasing the sophistication of their sourcing and outreach efforts, creating unique workflows and processes to manage their talent networks. We knew it was time to build a dedicated CRM to provide the same value on the sourcing and prospecting side of talent acquisition.

We imagined a world where you had a community of people at your fingertips to tap for any new hire. All of those relationships with interns, future grads, past employees, event attendees (more exciting news on this coming soon!) and “silver medalist” candidates were kept warm instead of withering away. What’s more, you could measure and judge your sourcing and engagement efforts over time to understand what works best for your company.

And that’s what we’ve aimed to build.

The Greenhouse CRM, paired with Greenhouse Recruiting, is a single source of truth to maintain all of your relationships with prospects and candidates. Unlike other tools that only focus on email automation, Greenhouse CRM allows you to execute a unique workflow for each type of prospect, armed with the history of every touchpoint you’ve had with them over time. It unlocks the power of this talent community by proactively surfacing prospects when you open a new role. You no longer have to start each search from scratch and you can rest assured that no one is slipping through the cracks. Greenhouse CRM allows you to focus on what really matters: building and maintaining relationships at scale.

I could not be more thrilled to share this product with the world. Greenhouse CRM solves a critical piece of the recruiting puzzle and furthers our mission of helping our customers win at hiring.


Co-founder and President

Jon Stross

Jon Stross

is President and Co-Founder of Greenhouse. At Greenhouse, Jon drives the product strategy and works closely with customers and partners to build a platform that improves recruiting performance. Before founding Greenhouse, Jon served as the GM for and was responsible for the global rollout of the business.