Sourcing Automation: Greenhouse’s new solution to find, reach and engage passive talent

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Introducing Sourcing Automation: a new outbound sourcing solution that helps users find, reach and engage top talent quickly and effectively – all with Greenhouse. Sourcing Automation improves email deliverability, scales outreach through personalized and automated campaigns and gives hiring teams the insights they need to become sourcing experts – and turn more candidates into hires.

Today’s talent market is saturated with opportunities. But with approximately 70% of all job seekers only passively considering new positions, every interaction with a company’s brand is crucial. In this competitive climate, outbound sourcing has never been so important – or so hard. It’s challenging for outreach to stand out from the crowd today and engage talent. More and more, talent teams are evaluating how they can best capture the interest of all those passive job seekers and boost the rate at which they are successfully converting prospects to candidates.

Companies are looking to proactively find new talent while actively diversifying their talent pools. Given the email volume we all receive, it’s never been more important to personalize cold outreach in a way that cuts through the noise and gets a response. However, tailoring communication takes time and can be a labor-intense, manual process without the right tools.

The new solution

Why are we so excited to announce Sourcing Automation to you? Because this new outbound sourcing solution helps hiring teams find, reach and engage top talent more quickly and effectively – all with Greenhouse.

With this helpful new add-on to Greenhouse Recruiting, users can access automated email campaign tools to help scale their personalized outreach, while also collecting useful data and insights. These tools and an enhanced Chrome extension will help save time on gathering enriched contact information and increase email deliverability.

Sourcing Automation software gives customers the ability to do more sourcing with Greenhouse, bringing outbound sourcing and structured hiring together in one complete solution. Together with new reports and analytics on sourcing activities and success, hiring teams can now look to Greenhouse to make their outbound sourcing a strategic component of their overall hiring strategy

How it works

Create personalized email campaigns

Personalized email outreach to groups of talent prospects has never been easier. With Sourcing Automation software, users can create dedicated multi-step email campaigns that use automation rules to send customized messages on defined schedules, tailored to the needs of each role. With important personalization elements and tailored email best practices, talent teams can be confident their emails will stand out from the noise and reach inboxes instead of spam folders.

Create personalized email campaigns

Stay in sync and save time

Today’s recruiters are working tirelessly around the clock – and every minute counts. Our Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension finds accurate contact details to build robust prospect profiles in Greenhouse. Hiring teams can use the extension to save a ton of time by syncing prospects directly into email campaigns with the click of a button. This process allows them to focus on other important work like designing a great interview experience while Greenhouse automatically engages with a growing list of prospects – adding to a more robust talent pipeline.

Stay in sync and save time

Analyze key data that will help you improve

New sourcing reports help hiring teams measure the effectiveness of their sourcing, allowing them to analyze individual campaign performance and communicate sourcing success to hiring managers and other stakeholders across the business. And because all these key activities now happen within Greenhouse, sourcing data can be seamlessly merged with other hiring data across the platform, making talent teams more effective, more data-driven and more competitive.

Staying a step ahead of the competition for talent requires a complete solution to engage candidates, from their first interaction to offer. With this new addition to the Greenhouse suite, we’re excited to help teams connect with more top talent quickly and easily – without having to work in multiple systems.

Analyze key data that will help you improve

Sourcing Automation builds on a comprehensive sourcing suite that also includes the Job Ad Market (launched in 2021). The combination of more effective outbound sourcing and access to thousands of job boards translates into powerful sourcing tools to find, reach and engage with the talent you need – all from Greenhouse.

We can’t wait for you to try Sourcing Automation, the easy way to find new talent, deliver personalized communication and measure results. All in one place.

Learn more about Greenhouse Recruiting and Sourcing Automation by connecting with a member of our team today.

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Ben McNelly

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