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Recruiting quality talent at scale is no easy feat – you have to stand out from a sea of competition and elevate your candidate outreach in a thoughtful way. Some recruiters shy away from using AI recruiting tools in the candidate sourcing process because of the misconception that messages might seem like spam – but we’re in an ever-evolving time for tech. However, the purposeful and thoughtful use of automation tools and AI can help recruiters accelerate efficiency and design content that builds engaging relationships with candidates.

As AI continues to evolve, more and more companies are beginning to explore AI recruiting tools to help design and engage candidates. According to Jennifer Shappley, VP of Talent at LinkedIn, “The recruiting industry has been a fairly early adopter of using different AI tools, whether that be through chatbots or other ways to help improve the candidate experience and the overall efficiency of the recruiting process.”

Personalized outreach is key to candidate sourcing – especially when attracting high-quality and diverse candidates. However, it can be both difficult and time-consuming to figure out how to begin and what to say in outreach messages. In the Future of Recruiting 2024 report, 68% of recruiters expressed that they were “very hopeful” or “cautiously optimistic” about the impact of generative AI recruiting tools and how they can save time.

Craft engaging sourcing emails with the help of AI

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation customers can now use AI recruiting tools to generate content when creating a campaign or a new step in a sourcing campaign. This gives recruiters a foundation to build compelling and personalized outreach, at scale.

This new feature makes communication much more efficient and allows recruiters to focus on the more human parts of recruiting and candidate sourcing. Glen Cathey, a thought leader in recruiting and HR tech, affirms that while generative AI recruiting tools can assist in outreach to potential candidates, human involvement is still important. That’s why we’ve ensured that this content creation tool will pair perfectly with the uniquely people-first approach that recruiters bring when hiring great candidates.

Source smarter, not harder

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation’s powerful workflows lead to less manual work, so recruiters can become more productive and do their jobs better. Greenhouse believes that AI is an assistant in hiring, not a replacement. We want to help recruiters elevate their candidate sourcing and move faster with minimal risk.

For this reason, AI in Sourcing Automation will not send any candidate data or proprietary data to third parties, so you can feel confident that your data is always secure in Greenhouse. Whether you need a little inspiration for one email or a variety of follow-ups for an outreach campaign, our new AI for Sourcing Automation feature will generate compelling messages that help you engage more candidates and source smarter, not harder.

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Sneha Patel

Sneha Patel

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where she works closely with our product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Sneha worked as a Product Marketer in the digital advertising industry. She lives in Austin, Texas, and when she’s not working, she spends her time traveling the world. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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