Announcing the Calendly integration with Greenhouse recruiting for seamless interview scheduling

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We’re thrilled to announce our Calendly Integration with Greenhouse Recruiting to help recruiting teams when it comes to a simple, but often time-consuming task; scheduling interviews. With this seamless integration, you can now share interviewer availability so that candidates can self-schedule, eliminating back and forth communications due to constantly changing calendars.

If you’re already a Greenhouse Recruiting customer you can find detailed instructions on how to get up and running here.

In today’s job market, hiring the best talent has become more competitive than ever, and providing candidates with a personalized and frictionless experience is key to keeping them engaged. Creating a great candidate experience can be challenging when recruiters often wear multiple hats and have competing priorities like sourcing for multiple roles, reviewing applications and scheduling candidates in a timely manner. This often leaves the overall candidate experience taking a backseat to urgent activities, like filling higher priority roles and reporting to executive stakeholders.

Interviewing during the first few stages of the pipeline takes a lot of time, and scheduling accounts for a large percentage of that time. With our Calendly integration, you’ll no longer have the need for back-and-forth with candidates.

Make the most of your time

By saving time with automated scheduling directly within Greenhouse Recruiting, you can get precious time back that you would’ve spent trying to sync calendars manually via emails or phone discussions. That time back can be redirected to valuable tasks like nurturing candidates in your CRM, making data-backed hiring decisions and evaluating your team’s performance.

Prioritize the candidate experience

Unnecessary communications when calendars and meetings change (which we all feel the pain of!), can undermine the candidate experience your company is working so hard to build. When candidates can self-select the time that works best for them it eliminates the back and forth and keeps the hiring process in motion, helping to build trust and keep the candidate engaged.

Accelerate the hiring process

Everyone is perpetually busy, it’s the nature of our over-scheduled lives. When it comes to interviewing, candidates may be juggling responsibilities in their current role with trying to carve out time to search and interview for their next professional adventure. This Calendly Integration allows recruiting teams to coordinate early stage interviews with candidates faster than before, moving them through the hiring pipeline efficiently. This helps close the interview loop more quickly, ultimately helping you fill your most important roles faster.

To learn how to enable the Calendly integration, visit our help center.