Announcing Greenhouse’s integration with LinkedIn recruiter system connect

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LinkedIn is an essential tool for the modern recruiter, and the majority of talent acquisition professionals we work with live and breathe in this platform. That’s why I’m excited to announce the integration of Greenhouse with LinkedIn called Recruiter System Connect.

We’ve teamed up with LinkedIn to give our users the ability to seamlessly access candidate information and streamline sourcing and candidate management in one place. You can now easily get the full picture of a candidate with data from both systems.

Here's what you can expect from the integration.

The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration with Greenhouse allows you to:

  • Highlight a match between existing Greenhouse candidates and a LinkedIn profile
Greenhouse's Integration with LinkedIn In ATS indicator view

The “In ATS” feature lets you identify candidates who are already in Greenhouse.

  • Access a candidate’s full LinkedIn profile on Greenhouse via the LinkedIn tab
Greenhouse's Integration with LinkedIn ATS profile widget

From within Greenhouse, you can access a candidate’s full LinkedIn profile.

  • Easily export a promising candidate from LinkedIn to Greenhouse
Greenhouse's Integration with LinkedIn 1click exporter

Export a LinkedIn profile to Greenhouse with one-click.

In addition to the above, there will be other exciting features as part of the integration.

  • Launch InMails directly from Greenhouse
  • Seamlessly move candidates from LinkedIn that accept InMail requests into Greenhouse
  • View notes and InMails on the Activity Feed of the candidate’s LinkedIn profile page in Greenhouse
  • Add a candidate to your current LinkedIn Recruiter project from the Greenhouse interface

We’re excited to be a LinkedIn Preferred Partner and expand functionality for our customers using LinkedIn Recruiter and Greenhouse together.

Learn more about the integration on the Greenhouse partnerships page.