Advancing the candidate experience with IBM: greenhouse talent acquisition suite to partner with IBM

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Talent professionals in every industry are attuned to how important the candidate experience is in hiring. For many prospective employees, it can cement their choice to join your team, or it can turn them off and spark negative online reviews.

This is why Greenhouse and IBM are partnering together. Joint users can now harness the power of Watson to make the job search and application process more streamlined, supported by Watson Talent’s powerful analytics and search capabilities.

IBM Watson technology for Talent teams

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant, a recipient of HR Executive’s Product of the Year award for 2018, is a cognitive advisor that engages job seekers in deeper conversation about the company and recommends jobs relevant to their personality, skills and interests.

The advisor learns about the job seeker through a series of natural conversations conducted via an AI chatbot, and then responds to the job seeker’s questions just like a recruiter would, tapping into the vast library of company- and job-specific information and assets. The chatbot can also analyze a job seeker’s resume and recommend the perfect job based on their skills, experience, education and interests.

Some interesting features of IBM Watson Candidate Assistant include:

  • Chatbot: Job seekers chat with an AI virtual assistant, which can also serve up relevant job recommendations matching their skills, experience, education and interests.
  • Guided Search: Resumes are analyzed using IBM Watson to rank open positions by fit, driving the job seeker to their perfect job.
  • Candidate experience: By creating a unique experience for candidates, brands make a strong connection with prospective employees at the very outset of the hiring process.

With its emphasis on improved candidate experience, the Greenhouse and IBM Watson Talent integration benefits everyone involved in the hiring process.

For Job Seekers: People searching for jobs aren’t always aware of all the different roles they might be a good fit for based on their skills and experience. The ability to uncover and serve up fitting jobs for them increases employee engagement and positively impacts their ability to excel at their careers.

For Employers: By building trust and confidence in the job seeker’s first interaction with your company, and recommending roles that align with their skills and interest, Talent teams can avoid making costly hiring mistakes. This in turn enhances the brand’s ability to turn new hires into valued employees who will contribute to the success of the organization.

For Recruiters: Reducing the number of applicants that need screening, and enhancing the quality of the job match means that recruiters can focus their efforts on actions that drive the business.

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant has already seen astounding results from customers using the solution, including:

  • Reduced candidate abandonment
  • 3x increase in application conversion rate
  • 64% more likely to secure an in-person interview vs. traditional search and apply

Working with Greenhouse

Greenhouse is the fastest growing talent acquisition suite and counts over 2,600 of the most progressive companies in Talent Acquisition as customers, including Warby Parker, Airbnb, and Cisco Meraki.

This partnership with IBM Watson Talent, a leader in AI and cognitive HR tools, empowers you to drive candidate engagement with a personalized interactive discussion to recommend the right open roles within your organization based on their exact skills, experiences and career aspirations.

Through our direct integration, joint customers’ open jobs requisitions will be provided to IBM securely and they can go live within two to four weeks, resulting in an immediate improvement in the quality and quantity of applicants arriving in the Greenhouse system.

Customers will experience an improvement in hiring team performance resulting in increased candidate engagement and better qualified applicants.

“Greenhouse has always seen success with companies that have high-volume hiring needs,” said Daniel Chait, Greenhouse CEO. “Our partnership and direct integration with IBM Watson marks an important innovation in our solution suite to enable customers to scale their teams while delivering an excellent candidate experience.”

“Greenhouse’s clients are high growth and have a need to engage high quality job seekers in a more personalized manner. Partnering, we are helping Greenhouse and their customers provide an exceptional candidate experience and quickly guide job seekers to the right position with the help of AI.” – Bob Schultz, General Manager, IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions

“Our partnership with Greenhouse creates the ideal journey for candidate and company engagement. IBM Watson Candidate Assistant’s ability to interact and engage with potential candidates ensures an increase in role alignment and understanding of company culture to enhance both quality and quantity of applicants. Once engaged with IBM Watson Candidate Assistant, these candidates will seamlessly be able to apply for jobs within the Greenhouse ATS to help their clients identify top talent in and fill open roles in the most efficient manner” – Andrew Hahn, Watson Talent, Head of Alliances, IBM Talent Management Solutions

Learn more about IBM Watson Candidate Assistant’s recent award win.

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