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Today we welcome Interseller to Greenhouse. We acquired Interseller’s sourcing automation technology to give our customers the ability to do their talent sourcing from within Greenhouse. With this addition Greenhouse, long known for being the leader in structured interviewing, will now also lead in outbound sourcing and CRM.

As the Great Rehiring accelerates, candidates are awash in opportunities. We’ve seen a big increase in our customers' need to proactively find new talent while actively diversifying their talent pools. This means they need the right set of purpose-built sourcing tools to be more targeted and thoughtful in their outreach, and see more success from high-quality interactions.

We considered all the alternatives to add sourcing to the Greenhouse CRM. As we debated building it ourselves versus making an acquisition, we saw how nuanced and complex it is to get this category right. It takes cycles of trial and error to master things like data enrichment, email deliverability, and all the other complexities of how different sourcers want to work.

Our evaluation of sourcing tools and providers was focused by our belief that the best sourcing tools make finding, pinpointing and connecting with candidates easy, and allow effective measurement of sourcing activity and hiring impact.

We first learned about Interseller when one of our engineering leaders started to use it and raved about how effective it was at turning cold outreach into engaged and active candidates. It was solving the problem of achieving high quality interactions at scale. As we got to know the Interseller team we saw that we shared the same vision and values. We gained confidence that acquiring Interseller would be the best path to enabling our customers to do their talent sourcing from within Greenhouse, using powerful data enrichment, email deliverability and candidate outreach tools.

We are now working feverishly to embed the Interseller functionality into Greenhouse. This will give our customers access to:

  • A browser plug-in to find candidates, discover their email address, and add them to email cadences

  • A tool to configure robust, rules-based communication campaigns with the ability to do tailored messaging with reliable email deliverability.

  • A single, searchable database that captures all prospects and candidates across the CRM and ATS

  • End-to-end reporting capturing everything from sourcer activity metrics, pipeline progress through the hiring funnel, and ultimately to hire.

We’re aiming for it to be ready before the start of Q2 2022.

Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers be successful across the range of techniques to find and attract candidates so they can confidently hire, no matter the situation. Greenhouse will continue to offer customers additional choices and tools through integrations with leading providers within the Talent Acquisition ecosystem. For this style of sourcing, we are going to enable our customers to save time, reduce cost and complexity, and increase their conversion rates using native Greenhouse sourcing solutions.

We are excited to welcome the Interseller team and Interseller customers to Greenhouse. As part of this acquisition, we will continue to invest in innovation, and staffing agencies currently using Interseller will also benefit from a new level of integration and support. As we build out the functionality and features of the Greenhouse intelligent sourcing solution we will share information about pricing and availability.

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Jon Stross

Jon Stross

is President and Co-Founder of Greenhouse. At Greenhouse, Jon drives the product strategy and works closely with customers and partners to build a platform that improves recruiting performance. Before founding Greenhouse, Jon served as the GM for BabyCenter.com and was responsible for the global rollout of the business.