5 Ways to recruit informed candidates on glassdoor

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As a recruiter, knowing where to find quality talent is everything. When a candidate is well-prepared and qualified, they make hiring easier, they tend to thrive – and they stick around.

At Glassdoor, they’re known as informed candidates. They’re the ones who do their research ahead of time and are 2x more likely to be hired than candidates from other sources (1). But posting your jobs isn’t always enough to attract them. You need to give job seekers the information they need if you want to hire the right people.

Here are five ways to attract informed candidates on Glassdoor.

1. Respond to reviews

Responding to employee reviews is a powerful way to attract informed candidates. In fact, 61% of candidates say their perception of a company improves after reading an employer’s response to a review (2).

2. Advertise your jobs

On Glassdoor, you can precisely target the people you need with ads that go after job seekers by location, industry and role. You can also monitor how your job ads are performing to make data-driven adjustments as needed.

3. Build a diverse and inclusive workforce

Two-thirds of job seekers say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers (3). Glassdoor allows you to demonstrate that your company fosters an inclusive culture.

4. Learn from our Best Places to Work winners

For real-world examples of how winning companies uses Glassdoor to attract top talent, check out advice from Best Places to Work winners on how to recruit informed candidates.

5. Screen for role fit

Know what to look for when screening applications to quickly surface the most informed candidates ahead of time.

Want to learn more? Dive deeper into each of these tips with this collection of resources.


1 Data analysis of 12M applications 7/1/16-12/31/17 from leading ATS provider Greenhouse comparing application-to-hire ratios for Glassdoor vs. other job sites.

2 Glassdoor site survey, June 2014

3 Glassdoor.com U.S. Site Survey, August 2017